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Dear Friends,


Four decades ago, the Lord made an opportunity for my wife and I to come to rural east Stockton, CA, as Senior Pastor of a wonderful Baptist Church. We were very young and without any children at the time. I often like to say that I came to the area with no children and lots of hair and now I have 12 children and no hair!


Throughout our journey and ministry here God, in His mercy, has blessed us in a mighty way. Today, God allows me to lead a thriving church on 12 acres with over 30 ministries. I am privileged to serve alongside some of the greatest believers on the face of the planet.

My wife Pauline and I have 12 children together. My first wife and teenage sweetheart, Lynette, died of breast cancer after 34 years of marriage. We had 9 children together when she passed away. When she graduated to heaven I had 5 unmarried daughters. Today, only one of the 9 is unmarried. God opened the door for me to marry a precious lady that had lost her husband. I had known her for over 25 years. Pauline, had 3 children who were all out of the home. Together we have 38 grandchildren and counting!


Throughout our journey it has been our privilege to not only grow in numbers but in the understanding of God's ways. I have certainly made many mistakes, but I thank God that by His grace we have grown and gained many victories! The Lord has given me a passion to encourage others to live Biblically and to let His Word establish the curriculum for their lives. Let’s do it God's way and I know it will be great. When we make better choices we have better lives. As a husband, father, grandfather, Pastor, author and speaker I have a full life. But I look forward to getting to know you as the Lord allows me opportunity to be with you.    




Tim Pollock

Proverbs 4:7

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