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All That Believed Were Together

“And all that believed were together…”

Acts 2:44

Dear Friends,

We live in a day where people say they are “spiritual” but refuse to interact and connect with other believers in a church body. These misguided folks state, “You don't have to be in church to be a good Christian. My spiritual life is between me and God." What a sad and unscriptural view.

The Lord created humans with a built-in a readiness for relationship. God often talked with Adam in paradise. Adam and Eve conversed together. As the earth began to fill up, people connected together on the basis of their commonality. This is what a church is – a group of individual believers that come together to form one cohesive body. The benefits of church relationships are powerful.

They: • ENERGIZE us when we are weary. • CIVILIZE us when we are straying. • ORGANIZE us when we are confused.

• VITALIZE us when are down. • TENDERIZE us when we are getting selfish.

• OPTIMIZE us to help us reach our full potential. Luke, in writing the book of Acts reminded readers of a powerful characteristic of the early church: all believers were together. They realized the power of having some spiritual friends in achieving God's best in their life.

It's time to take stock of the relationships that are in your life. Are you part of a spiritual family that is growing you to become what God intended?

Spiritual Friends Are a Blessing,

Dr. Tim Pollock, Senior Pastor

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