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And Noah Walked with God

“…and Noah walked with God.” Genesis 6:9

Dear Friends,

I’ve known people that were all about their sport or hobby or job or house or even their kids. As noble as some of these desires are, the thing that totally captured Noah’s life was his deliberate and consuming desire to walk with God.

What does it mean to W.A.L.K. with God?

W-elcoming – We are born with a sin nature that soon manifests itself by making choices against God. If we want a close relationship with God, we must welcome Him in our life by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

A-greeing –We must concur that God’s Word is true and that His laws are to be obeyed. In all we do…we are to walk in step with God’s nature and word.

L-eaning – The foundation of any good relationship is trust, without it there can be no closeness. As we lean and rely on the promises of God’s Word, we develop closeness to Him as they come to fruition.

K-nowing – Knowing God is more than just knowing about God. Knowing God requires that we spend time with Him in private and in public worship.

These four ingredients will help us to WALK in step with a great God.

We Serve a Mighty God,

Dr. Tim Pollock, Senior Pastor

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