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Getting in Gods Way

“But let patience have her perfect work…” James 1:4

Dear Friends,

One of the most difficult things in in the Christian life is to learn to “let go and let God”. Or, in other words, to wait patiently for the Lord to work things out. As James said, it is vital to “let patience have her perfect work.” God can do great works – but only if we will let Him!

While this is true in many areas of life, it is especially a fact in our relationships. Take the prodigal son, for example…what an amazing story of God’s love. However, it is also a great lesson in letting God work on someone’s life and not stepping in where Angels fear to tread.

Even the rebellious son was just leaving the home; there had been an underlying problem for some time. He may have been leaving the home now with his body, but he had already left the home in his heart many days earlier. The wise father stepped back (after exhausting all reasonable corrective measures) and let his adult loved one go on his own way.

Have you ever noticed that the father didn’t even go to search for his son? Godly wisdom taught him that his son’s lifestyle choices would soon catch up with him. Instead of trying to protect his son from the consequences of his unwise choices, the father got out of the way and gave God room to work.

Dear friends, our job is to watch and pray until our loved one comes to their senses.

Praying for Patience,

Dr. Tim Pollock, Senior Pastor

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